We provide following technology solutions

We provide innovative technology solutions as per your today's business security & production requirement like CCTV, IT Maintenance outsource, Network design, Structure cabling, Networking over WiFi, Optical fiber & copper, Bio-metric access control & attendance control devices, EPABX Solution. etc 


We are provide you a variety of features to enhance the surveillance and monitoring of any facility. The technological capabilities of our security cameras include:

  • Analog and IP camera solutions

  • High definition resolution

  • Motion-activated light and sound deterrence

  • Night vision technology

  • Infrared detection

  • Off-site monitoring and control


R K INFOTECH provides IT Maintenance Services, based on over 17 years of experience supporting businesses of all sizes.

Our approach is one of a ‘can-do’ attitude and our goal is to make the IT perform problem free so that the business becomes easier. Remember, IT is simply a tool to do business. Taking care of that tool, allows for efficiency in business operation.

Our service is professional, responsive and efficient. Comparing with other companies, we have heard terrible stories of different engineers attending to jobs and being unable to complete work, work taking too long to complete, lack of engineer expertise etc. This is what we work to avoid.


EPABX systems are necessary for managing internal and external telephone calls within an office. A good EPABX system with advanced features can help office staff members get important messages, monitor telephone usage, and manage calls over a large office among other benefits. EPABX are usually charged based on features, number of extensions and number of inward telephone lines.

Improvement in technology has led to EPABX with many advanced features such as external call forwarding, direct inward dialing, extension wise usage limits, call pickup and call splitting. Since EPABX systems come with many features, it is good to understand your requirements from intercom systems.


One of the core services we offer is Structured Cabling. Cabling installers at R K INFOTECH communications are accredited with industry recognized certifications and experienced to handle different cabling systems and applications, such as voice, data, video, VOIP and Wireless WIFI systems. Our core expertise in designing network cabling systems means that our solutions pay for themselves many times over their lifetime.We have years of experience in installing Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a certified cabling solutions. We provide structured data cabling and network wiring service. We also help customers in restructuring or organizing cables in server room.


In this era of automatic services, technology has introduced a lot many systems that have made lives easier and operations smoother. The term Bio Metrics is not new now and is being used by a number of organizations in their offices. There have been a lot many reasons and also a lot many benefits because of which the technology is of great use the both the employees as well as the employers. By now we are specialized in offering solutions with various bio metrics factors such as fingerprint recognition, face recognition, retina recognition, iris recognition, voice recognition and many others.


Need your computers networked and Secured? We design and install network infrastructures to meet your needs no matter if it is a simple wired or wireless Local Area Network (LAN) or a complex multi office infrastructure. We do it all.

R K INFOTECH evaluates in-place network setups examining network throughput, latency, and connectivity between network components and then recommends solutions to remedy a non-functioning, slow or unsecure networks. We have decades of experience designing and implementing healthy, efficient and secure computer networks that meet and exceed business needs and compliance recommendations.

We believe that all organizations should have a fast and reliable communication infrastructure between their data, workstations, and users. Whether your data is in the next room or another country R K INFOTECH can design, configure, and implement a network solution that will work efficiently and effectively to your situation. Fast and secure inter-office connectivity is our specialty.